A year or so ago someone explained how to change from the old arrangements with 4 or 5 sharps. Rob McKillop played the Dell Schottisch and the arrangement has 5 sharps. could someone repeat the instructions again? thanks.

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I think it is the "whiteout" method.  Add a line to the bottom and white out the F line on the top of the staff.  Remove 3 sharps or add flats.

I.e. A (three sharps) becomes C, E (four sharps) Becomes G, etc..

FWIW, A (three sharps), E (4) and D (two) are the "natural keys" of A notation.

These directly correspond to C, G and F.

Five sharps is a little unusual but not unheard of.  The Analytical Banjo Method is graded with each piece having a lesson until you get to the "miscellaneous" section. The latter being complete numbers. 

It is worth getting the full Converse experience and working through the book, though he ignores alternate fingering for the most part (except the stroke style equivalent where he plots every strike and combination).

I have a theory that these guys (Converse and others) were using alternate fingering but not teaching it in their books.  You'd have to pay them for that info-- or they kept it to themselves.  Van Eps' interview gives me more fodder for this theory.

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I'll get to work on it right away.

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