There is recording of this great tune by Vess Osman in the original recordings files. I've based my arrangement on the piano score and it does differ somewhat from Osman's. The Piano score was written in G (D/G/C) however I've set it in F (C/F/Bb) as I found it slightly easier to play. The score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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Very nice! This is a great tune and Ossman's recording is the definitive version (only recorded version?). I've always liked it and now I can add it to the playlist (or at least pick thru it from time to time).

Anyone out there with a period banjo arrangement to compare with Steve's? I see that the ABF lists some MS for it, but no published sheet music... 

Curiously, this was published under the title "Curiosa" by CE with the subtitle "Same as Ossman's Phonograph Record Keep off the Grass" by Harry Von Tilzer.  Not sure why.

This was one of the two pieces Ossman played in the films he made, the other being the ubiquitous "Turkey in the Straw Medley."

I have the published Clifford Essex notation for Curiosa by Harry Von Tilzer. It is set in C major.

Here is the sheet music for the 1st and 2nd banjo parts


I didn't know that...and I also have a copy of "Curiosa" (same scan as Jody's with the penciled in bowing) on my hard-drive. Thank you Joel and Jody! 

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