Here's Jolly darkies number 3 as mentioned by Marc in his recent post. I managed to get hold of a piano score on which bars 30 to 51 are marked as banjo and appear to be emulating stroke style banjo. The whole score sounds as though it could have been written for banjo. It's a catchy tune and not too challenging to play. The score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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thereallyniceman said:

Got me thinking there Richard:

The Jolly Mariner    A. Cammeyer

Mr. Jollyboy       E. Grimshaw

Jolly Roger        C. Mansell

Jolly Pickanninies   E Rueffer

Jolly Johnnies     Parke Hunter

Jolly Jack Breakdown      J.W. Ball

Jolly Comrades      Alf Wood

Jolly Chinee      Parke Hunter

Jolly Brothers      R. Vollstedt

Jolly Jingles Rag    F H Losey

They used to have a lot of Gays too, when gay meant something completely different.

Yes Ian, when I was a jolly boy the only thing that was gay was the 'Gay Gordons'. Here is  another banjo tune with a 'Gay' title, I've never played it and don't know its origins, it might have come from an album or tutor book as the page number is 250. I ran through it before scanning it and it has its moments, as the title suggests.


The only one I'm familiar with is "Gay Gossoon", which was covered on record by a number of banjoists (I think).

I have copies of "Gay Hampton", "Gay 90's", and "The Gay Cavalier"...along with "Gay Gossoon" (and "Gay Moments").

Gaylord's Clog...from Z.M. Bickford's "The Banjoists Favorite"


What a gay day.

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