Recently a banjo friend offered a very large number of BMG magazines to help fill the gaps in the John Field LIBRARY.  After a LOT of work scanning I can now announce that all the following PDFs are available for FREE download.

Also they have all been processed using Adobe Acrobat Pro to produce clean OCR versions of the files, so when you download the PDF you can use your browser or Adobe Reader to find any text that you are interested in.

Thank you to all concerned in helping the BMG LIBRARY expand and I know that it is being used by not only the B but the M and G players and researchers around the world.

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I am already using the OCR feature in these new additions to the JF Library to round off my bio of Bert Bassett.  It's a great help.

The OCR is sometimes a bit approximate and I keep coming up with a reference to a banjo player by the name of Oily Onkley.  Whatever became of him?



Ah yes!   Old Oily was a slippery character and not a patch on his cousin, so I guess that is why we hear so little of him. Thank goodness for OCR!

I have recently replaced all BMGs from 1903 to 1940 with "Upgraded EXACT OCR", or that is what Adobe claim, so you may even find second cousins now ;-)

Good luck with Old Bertie's Biog.

This collection of BMG magazines is such a valuable resource, I really appreciate it being made available  - THANKS VERY MUCH :)

Well done Ian, what a job!

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