Dear all,
My Barnes and Mullins 5 String banjo seems to have a very scratchy sound which is becoming quite annoying. I suspect it could be that the skin is not tight enough on the head??

Any help appreciated.
Many thanks

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We need more information.  The sound resulting from a loose banjo skin would usually be described as dull or muffled but maybe not scratchy. Tell us more please and someone may have an idea how to help.

Sorry, I mean more when the hand brushes on the skin. My original banjo never used to make the noise but this one does. May just be the type of remo head I have.

My guess is that you have a frosted Remo fitted. They do make a bit of a racket when the little finger moves on the head, until your finger wears all the frosting off that is, and that will take a lot of practising!

Try a plain Remo or a Renaissance... easy to fit and give a great sound.  

I have a Remo frosted on my CE Regal but it sounds so nice that I put up with finger noise and the feel, which is a bit like sandpaper !

Yes, that sounds exactly like the issue...sandpaper like feel. The banjo itself sounds great. It is just the scratchy sound! Will try a different head. Thank you very much.

I have been playing on heads which are frosted on the inside for years. They're still available.

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