Does anyone have a copy of this they'd be willing to share a scan of?  Or send it to me for scanning?

I think the new CE has a tab version, but I am looking for the original.  Just curious about it.

Thanks, -Joel

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I will have got one somewhere so I'll start searching and let you know when I find it.

Thanks Richard!

That would be the one!

I'll send it to you, is your address in the 5 Stringer?

Joel Hooks said:

That would be the one!

Shoot me an email and I’ll send you my home address.  I am trying to avoid going to the post office if I can help it.

let me know the cost and I’ll reimburse via PayPal if you like.  I can also send it back when it is scanned.


I have been investigating non Peabody/Shakey’s pizza style plectrum banjo to get a fuller understanding of banjo history and where it went. The strum your wire strings as hard and fast as possible does nothing for me.

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