This is another very good, interesting early cakewalk. I transposed it from Eb/Ab to G/C to make it more banjo friendly. I have no idea of the meaning of the title nor could I find any information about the composer so maybe someone may be able to help. The score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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Hi Steve, the title is in reference to common stereotype themes used in "coon songs."  "Gin and Razors" is descriptive of the racist image of African Americans abusing alcohol (Gin) that lead to violence (fighting with straight razors).


It was illegal for slaves/servants to possess any sort of knife, except for a shaving razor. Thus the razor became the stereotypical weapon of the black man.

Stabbing, it seems, has always been a fear of the upper classes. This shows up in many laws. In the Navy (both US and UK), personal knives with a stabbing point were not allowed. This is why rigger's knives are blunt-pointed, even squared off like a razor.

Thanks for that guys, considering your informative comments, it does seen rather a strange title to give to a piece of music....Steve.

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