In observance of our luminary Fred Van Eps' 144th birthday today, I pass along a short yet interesting and informative 1959 interview with phonograph enthusiast Albert Brouse, of whom I also provide a couple of 1949 LATimes photographs scraped from the bowels of

FRED VAN EPS INTERVIEW 1959 with Albert Brouse

Among the interesting tidbits is that Van Eps so told Mr. Edison off for his terrible musical taste that he ceased recording for the company until he could return on terms that suited him. (This suggests that pieces like "Ragtime Oriole" and "Grace and Beauty" were his own ideas, not assignments.) That and of course hearing Van Eps' gentle yet firm voice; he had only a year and a few months to live when this recording was made. I’m cross-posting this between classic banjo and phonograph forums since it's of shared interest between the two, where it will hopefully find an appreciative audience of dozens.(Though here I'm adding in a photo of him in California, taken for the unfinished tutor which described his late-life "triple fingering" method of playing.)

I hope everyone has had a tolerable 2022 and will have an even better 2023. Warmest of wishes to everyone, now and as always, and thanks to Ian especially for keeping this all going.


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Hi Chris, thanks for finding and sharing all these gems!

I have added a player to your post and saved a copy of the interview for the vaults!

Have a great New Year and let's all forget 2022 and its troubles.

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