does anybody have the dots or tab to Narsissus .I would like to give it try . cheers

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Hi Alan,

Your wish is my command :-)

The, quite short,  E. Grimshaw arrangement of the score and also the Parke Hunter arrangement are added to the MUSIC LIBRARY

Thank you Ian .much appreciated .I think I first heard it in a Norman Wisdom film . It has been stuck in my tiny mind for years .I was all so once in the same army band as Norman ,but at a different time'

It is simply amazing how helpful we Classic Banjo enthusiasts are!  I have just received, from Rainier in France, another, and more complete copy of "Narcissus" and have added it to the entry in the MUSIC LIBRARY.

Three versions should keep you going for a while Alan !

Thank you again Rainier.

I have tabbed out the Parke Hunter arrangement. Unfortunately, it has a number of printer's errors...notes in the wrong place, etc. Uses the whole fingergboard (up to 19th). The Grimshaw arrangement is easier and at least has some fingering/positions shown.

A third arrangement! Whew. Thankfully, it is only 36 measures of music. ;-)

I'll send 'em in when I'm finished.

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