Anybody know where Rob MacKillop's Stefanelli Tubaphone ended up? I love how that banjo sounds in Rob's videos and am curious what its specifications are (pot size, scale length, action/bridge height, etc).

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Bill Evans has it. He now lives in New Mexico. The pot is 12 inches, custom made for Eric Stefanelli by Bill Rickard. The pot is thinner than the usual Rickard tubaphone pot, in order to get a shorter sustain which is good for Ragtime. The scale is about 28 inches. The original bridge is whatever Eric made for the purpose. What Rob used for his videos I dunno.  I have the near twin sister of this banjo. Low action, Stefanelli bridge (about 1/2 inch) and I've tried different strings. Eric set it up with the plain strings being Savarez "Instruments Anciens" of gauges heavier than La Bella but not so very thick. The wound 4th was an Aquila string.  A large component of the sound of these 2 banjos is the vellum. Eric tried several until he was satisfied that the banjo(s) was/were living up to their potential.

Would it be possible to find out from where Eric Stefanelli got the vellums for those two banjos? Maybe I'll just write him a message here on the forum...

I love those videos and have been wondering about that banjo too

As far as I know Bill Evans still has it. He now lives in New Mexico so that's where that banjo probably is. And I still have its sibling here in San Francisco.

Karen Smith said:

I love those videos and have been wondering about that banjo too

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