This is a tune I've been playing for some time now (never very well, of course). It popped up on youtube out of nowhere today...and I've never heard the recording.

This is yet another "descriptive" Lansing tune. I think that "Darkie's Awakening" was so popular that he just kept cranking them to the same formula. Still, this is a fun one to play...requires some interesting picking on the inner strings and has some satisfying bass runs, etc.

See attached for dots.

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I forget where I read it but I seem to remember a period reference to how after "Darkies Dream" came out everyone started using the andante intro.

This was one that I had gone over the 2nd part enough to where I could have played with you at the rally (if only the venue had not been such a disaster).

Yes, it is a good piece and I have been playing it.  I likely would not have if you had not pointed it out.  I've been playing the CE published version which only deviates slightly from the Jacobs'.

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