I hope this doesn't convene any forum rules, apologies if I have, but I'd like to give this group first refusal on a banjo I have for sale.

It's my Clifford Essex “Clipper” 5 string.
Made in the Clifford Essex & Son period at 15a Grafton Street so dates between 1919 and 1936.
It's in nice condition, good and straight, and has original tuners and the original detachable resonator. It has been lightly restored and fitted with a Renaissance head.
I’ve strung it with steel strings and used it for clawhammer but it loves nylon strings and sounds just fabulous playing classic style.
As an additional piece of history the banjo comes with a photo of it with a previous owner, Ray Emery taken I think in the thirties along with a pennant for his band The Banjo Boys which is also included.
Here is a clip of it being used to play a clawhammer tune - 

I reckon it's worth something like £500, is that fair? Inbox me or post below if you have any questions or if you would like to make me an offer. 

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Great picture, Marc, but not sure of the relevance?

When I first got the Clipper about ten years ago I got it set up by Doug Parry at John Alvey Turner.

Since then I've changed the head and given it a good once over with the metal polish, otherwise it's original.

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