Is anyone bidding on this?

I'll throw in some cash via PayPal to help if the goal is to scan and post on this site.

I would hope the winner would share instead of hiding it in a stack of moldering paper to eventually turn to dust.

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Hi Keith, congrats and Happy Birthday!

Your announcement of sharing makes me feel like it is all of our birthdays!!

I am both excited for you and your generosity to share.  This stuff is too important not to preserve forever in infinite copies.


Joel, I scanned the banjo related pages (which is all I have) of the 1928 catalogue and they appear on pages 47and 48 of the photo section.

Joel Hooks said:

Do you have a 1928 Catalog?  Would you be willing to scan and share?  I would love to see it.  

marc dalmasso said:

this catalog seems to be prior  to   the 1928 ' one

the concert grand is priced 20 £   ( 100 $  )  in the 1928 ' catalog

Last night a super great guy named Don Milne (who also builds banjos) scanned a CE catalog for us all to share.

I think this might be the same or near the same era as the pages that Richard scanned.  It is a nice and clean copy and the cover was scanned in color.  He did a great job.

It is not early as the subject of this discussion but still pretty cool. 

magnifique / THX  Joel & Don

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