Clifford Essex 5 String Banjo

The perch bar is marked Clifford Essex”. Is this consistent with the way that other banjos were marked. The number of clamping screws on mine is 22. The dimensions are 9 3/8 (23.5mm) diameter across the skin (mm) and it has a neck length (fretted) of 192mm (19” ). The neck is not distorted in any way and it has steel strings. The body is brass with what looks like nickel plating. The depth of body is approximatley 2 7/8” The wooden ring is approximeteley 2” wide and unidentified. I bought this banjo about 30 years ago from a bloke in Hemel Hempstead, who as far as I can remember played in a jazz combo. The case looks to have fitted the original banjo body. Allthough the side has been cut/enlarged to accomodate the fifth string peg.

What I’d like to know is suggestions for the make of body and whether the neck is Clifford Essex ?

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A picture or two of the entire instrument, front and back would be helpful.

Could the rim be upside down?  This is something I see a lot for some reason that I cannot figure out why.

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