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Recently Carl, who was the original creator, asked me if I would be prepared to take over ownership of this Classic Banjo site. Carl has many work and family commitments and also a busy schedule of old stroke style banjo performances around the USA so felt that he could not devote sufficient time to managing the site. I agreed to take over and now want to build on the work done by Carl in promoting our “Classic” style of banjo playing.


The site has many features that set it aside from normal discussion groups and I feel that features should be retained, as they are the site’s strengths.  We need new visitors, particularly those new to Classic Style. The ability to upload video is extremely important, as are the discussions, pictures and events. I feel that other features are less important like the online chat.


 Others may have a different view, which is why I am asking for suggestions from members of things that they would like to see or not to see.


Unfortunately all this comes at a cost.  Currently the site is costing $49.95 per month to keep the current package active. I intend to stay with this package until I have investigated all options regarding downgrading to the lower cost package and using “embedded” video in place of direct uploads. From previous posts it appears that people would prefer the mid-range package, but I must be sure that it offers all that the site needs and that previously uploaded video can be played along with embedded video.



All the money donated last year has been used up as the Ning annual charge is $499.95, but monthly payments were $49.95 so the money was exhausted after 10 months.  I am currently paying for the coming year from my personal account, so I have set up a DONATE button for those who would like to make a contribution to keep our site alive. Any amount would be gratefully received and used to enhance everyone’s experience on here.  I have set the donation form to receive a maximum of $499.95. If I down grade to the $199.95 per year package and donations have exceeded this, I will use the surplus money to extend the period.







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Mike, are we the same person?  I had this very conversation with Eli at the collectors gathering in nashville.


As to the site itself, just as the first time around, I see no reason to have the high tier site.  The "minstrel" ning sight seems to do just fine.  Also it seems to me that the folks who wanted the option to post videos stored in the ning format, have not posted any.   Youtube (or others) with a hyperlink work just fine.  We won't lose the ability to post photos, and I can host on my personal site any PDF or MP3 that folks want to post.

Joel, I was probably influenced by your excellent webpage and contributions on the Hangout. Either that or we are two manifestations of a split personality... Dr. Hooks and Mr Moss?

That's the second good report I've had about the tutor, sadly the courier let me down on Friday and didn't deliver the extra stock I'd ordered, consequently I didn't have on the stall yesterday. Anyway Adrian says it's good!


"Oddity" is much simpler solo than "B'land" ..Sunflower is ok but maybe we played it a bit fast on Saturday,

Hi Ian  , you were asking for suggestions for the site......  have wondered for a while if it were possible to have an " I like " button , the same type of thing that Facebook has.  I know there are times when I like some thing on the site but don't want to write a whole lot of comment.

 If not possible , or if the majority don't like the idea , so be it. :)

Thank you Sylvia,

I have already been working on this and the Videos and Photos on the site are being tested. Have a look at a video and below it is an I LIKE button which will link to your Facebook if you are logged in, or ask you to log in if you are not!   .... So HEY PRESTO  I read your mind.

Do you think that the button would be useful elsewhere?



Hi Ian, found the button, but it didn't work.  Got the message that  " we are working on it ".   will try again this afternoon.

Ah yes!  Sylvia... it works to my Facebook page only at the moment as we are testing out...silly me. I will make an announcement on the site when it is up and running.



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