I wonder if anybody has noticed that Hal Alert's fine website is under construction to bring it up to date.    Hal has put a lot of effort into his website over the years, sometimes under very difficult circumstances.    I think we tend to go for the easy option.   Let's give him all the support that we can. 

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Thanks, Ray for the compliment. I am sorry that my site has been closed for so long. The new site is ready to go except for the page that has MP3s of the new banjo pieces. My Chrome browser will only load the first five pieces, while Firefox loads them all, and IE makes the audioplayer look like a large print book from the library. My hosting company tried the page on Chrome and all of the pieces loaded up just fine. I just don't want the page to be out there without being perfect. The new site has a unique navigation, more photos, a new podcast by Bob Webb, and an updated links page. I am at the point now of just putting it out there and taking the heat from viewers who can't access the music.

Ray, I will send you the link so you can test it on your computer and give me feedback. Please bear with me, folks. The end is nigh.

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