Over the last few years I have been collecting copies of "Banjo Times", a magazine produced here in the UK from January 1985 to December 2008.

These magazines were produced and edited by banjoist David Price.  Due to their comparatively recent publication they are still in copyright so I can not publish them on the website without permission but I hope that the historical information they contain can be made available.

I now have all editions from NUMBER 1  to the last published edition NUMBER 118

...EXCEPT  magazine NUMBER 97. 

Has  anyone got this magazine stashed in the heap that they are willing to part with???

I would like to personally thank site member Ed Parslow, who kindly sent me eleven magazines to "ALMOST" complete my set!

Ed is researching and publishing a register of banjos made by James Parslow in the late 1800's and early 1900's, and their current owners.

Please pop along to his site as it is fascinating reading.

The Parslow Banjo Register

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I seem to remember Banjo Times was quite good.

I'm afraid any copies I had are long gone, but it would be nice to read them again. 

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