Back due to overwhelming response here is the last Fred Van Eps recording.

Well, I can see by the overwhelming response to the last FVE tracks I posted that I am not the only one who like Fred Van Eps’ playing so here is the final track from the 1950  33 1/3 rpm LP preleased by the Van Eps Labs in Plainfield, N.J. USA.



Composed in 1924 by American, Thomas Griselle (1891-1955), this final track is entitled “Cubist”.

 In 1928 Griselle, a very talented composer, went on to win a $10,000 prize awarded by the Victor Talking Machine Company for his “Two American Sketches for Piano”… that was some prize for the time!!!


Of course Van Eps’ playing is, as always, amazing. I left this to the last, as I like it the most…  but perhaps that is just me!


CUBIST played by Fred Van Eps

Ranier Lanselle has kindly sent a hand-written score of the Van Eps arrangement… a rarity indeed!

 You can download a copy here:

CUBIST by Thomas Griselle CLICK HERE

(Anyone fancy entering this into notation software, as I am busy for a few weeks and won’t be at my computer very often?)... no? ah well.

I have added a download button to the site JUKEBOX that will allow you to download the individual tracks on this album.


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Amazing music! I love the subtle syncopations and interesting harmonies. This piece definitely has a more "modern" feel to it than many other arrangements in the CB repertoire. I'll give you a hand entering the score whenever I've got time, but you'll have to add the position marks as I have no idea of how to do it with my software and I usually end up doing it in Photoshop!

Thanks again Ian and Rainier!

Reminds me a bit of Zez Confrey's "Buffoon".

I'll put it on my list of things to TAB...and the notation will pop out automatically.

This is my favorite tune on this album too. Could you up a copy of the FVE arrangement? The link is janky.

Hi Jerron and welcome to Classic Banjo ! It is good to have another lover of Fred Van Eps here on the Forum. As you may have read he is my favourite player, and arranger, too.

I have looked at the broken link and for some reason the file has been lost of the NING server, but I have added the original below:

and a score that I produced from the rather poor quality copies.

Please excuse any transcription errors and the fingering notation is how I played it but may not suit everyone!

I hope these are what you are looking for.


CUBIST Fred Van Eps Original

CUBIST transcription by Ian

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