I'm in the chatroom, if anyone else wants to try it out.

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I don't know about that, Jody. Y'all have a funny accent. ;-)
marc dalmasso said:
Yes , Carl already told this joke .
must have been before my time. that's embarrassing. oh well.
I lived in Southwest Louisiana (Lafayette) for a few years (1979-1983). The Cajun language/dialect is about 70% French, 20% English, 10% Spanish and 100% crazy. They called me "le lapin fou" and for months I had no idea why. Turns out they were making fun of my hat, which had a logo from Mad River Canoes:

With the logo , i don t know but without ,..." le lapin fou " ; there are no doubts in French , marc . That means ALL the girls from your area were very , very , very good friends .................
LOL! Perhaps they were complimenting me? Somehow I doubt it...back then none of the girls wanted to date a mere Helicopter mechanic. Now, had I been a pilot...! ;-)

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