R. Nathaniel Dett  was a composer, organist, pianist and music professor. Whilst born in Canada, he spent most of his professional career in the United States. During his lifetime he was a leading Black composer, known for his use of African American folk songs and spirituals as the basis for choral and piano compositions in the 19th century Romantic style of Classical Music. This is the only piece of Ragtime music that I could find that was written by him. It's a simple early CW and suits the banjo very well and is not too challenging to play. The score and midi are in the library..Steve.

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This a great colored rag, i transcribed it recently for guitar and hope to share it here maybe.

But I just want to precise a personnal : I don't consider the "Afro-Americans" as "Afro-Americans", I belive this is an institutionnal and historical lie, and that these "copper" people are a huge part of the real indians : the autchtones people of West-North America and Louisiana..

The fact that these guys had ancesters were brought by "unkown european guys", crossing the wild Atlantic ocean during weeks and months then passed the Mexico Golf (for Louisiana) or longe the America east coast toward the North then ... then.. it's techniccaly impossible. This story is fake, these "Black/copper guys" are the real indians. The "amérindiens" were just in the west and descent from South America continent and Eurasia at same time.

ALl afro american are autochtones : B Holiday, J P Johnson, D Ellington, J Hendrix and so on : they are Indians.

sorry for this message, but I find it important, and I share this Joe Morley Arrangement


Nice guitar

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