Hi all!,

Long time of my presence here. I have a small project for this 2018: I would like to give a small homage to S.S Stewart, considering this year is the 120th anniversary of his death. Therefore, I am planing to record some tunes of his creation, in the way of a recital (virtual recital, actually).

But, in the process I figured out an idea you might be interested...Why not a orchestral (a virtual one) recording of these tunes?, just as the meetings of the ABF or another banjo rallies. I think it could be a funny way to interact ourselves, considering these kind of videos (each one playing a part) are really popular right now. Some basic apps such as Acapella Maker are used for this kind of videos, allowing the recording of tunes to musicians that do not live in the same city/country/continent. 

The problem? I do not know anything about orchestration, but it could be a nice challenge for someone who might be interested.

Of course, there are online ensembles with other tunes. I know the ABF have some tunes for several banjos, and I guess there must be plenty of these scores to play in this website. But for now, the Stewart´s anniversary could be a good excuse to start...we have a said in Spanish "para hacer algo, cualquier excusa"

Let me know if someone might be interested!


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Hello German, I look forward to hearing your SS Stewart recital.  I also like your idea of a banjo orchestra via the internet.  It would be fun if the instruments were SS Stewart banjos - I can contribute an SS Stewart banjeaurine!       

Hello Carrie,

I will let you know how I am going with this idea. At the moment I learnt the two parts of Minor Waltz so my goal is recording both. After that, my goal is learning and recording other Stewart´s tunes (for now, the pieces stored here) in order to have a recital (more of three tunes are my expectations for this year). So, if you want to explore with your banjeaurine these themes just let me know and we could arrange the recording. That´s why I like so much this idea :)

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