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Metal or gut?

So! I bought a Greenop banjo last year (yes, "Skeleton Dance" Greenop). Almost identical to this one at ZitherBanjo.org. My question: steel or nylon strings? The several spare strings in the case were metal, and the one at the link is strung with metal. I have it strung with metal now, but I obviously want to do right by it. His patent for this design was dated 1926, so it could go either way.

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Point of information...

When I couldn't find the vellum I wanted locally, I turned to Elderly Instruments in the States (I ordered from them for years when I was there). I kept the total under £18 so the Customs man wasn't interested and I've just received the order, 16 days after I placed it (9 days after they emailed to say it had shipped). That's a vellum head (about £5.50), a bridge and some picks and things. Shipping was $10 (about…


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Interesting banjo on auction tomorrow

There's an auction in Ireland tomorrow that's got a Riley-Baker patent zither banjo in it, guide price £252 - £288. That's the one with the all-aluminium pot and neck (the fingerboard is wood). Here are some good pictures of another example from somebody's blog: http://ning.it/jjyOmt

The auction thing is kind of interesting. You can sign up online, watch in realtime and bid. Unfortunately, you have to make arrangements for somebody to pick things…


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Can anyone identify my new banjo?

Two weeks ago, I'd never heard of a zither banjo. I spotted one in the window of an auction house and thought, "what the heck...?" So I Googled around until I learned a bit more.


Had. To. Have. One.


As luck would have it, when I tried the keywords on eBay, there was only one listed -- and the auction was just closing, and it was a beauty. Nipped in and got it (at a very good price, I think) and it arrived this morning.


So...who the heck made…


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