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Hands up!

When I play the piano, touch type or when I pick out a tune on the guitar my hands are slightly raised with the knuckles at the base of my fingers a little higher than the finger knuckles. Watching classic style banjoists their hands are down with the knuckles from the middle of the fingers and the knuckles at the base of their fingers more or less in line - for speed on the strings, so I'm told. I've seen Chris Sands in action, (I'm sure…

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Practising Music

Hello Marc,

Thank you for your comment. To answer your question in one word - yes. I'm a fairly good sight reader but first time through I may leave out a few notes for the sake of keeping the tempo going. I may also hit a few 'bum' notes in my haste. Each time through I'll add a few notes that I missed. If I get to a place that is particularly tricky then I will have to practise in order to get up to speed.

I've never been really happy playing octaves. Being a sight…


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Live music

Thank you for your welcome. Steve you are quite right. When I hear OH playing I certainly do know where he is. He's practising his latest piece at the moment so I know he's out of trouble. I know he should be doing the housework, Sylvia but I've let him off for today and he did mow the lawn yesterday! He made me a cuppa this morning so he's in good favour at the moment.

Mike, his piece of the moment is a medley of different songs and maybe he'll ask for an accompaniment - we'll have…


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