I received a very interesting and intriguing message from site member Rob Murch.

For those who don't know of Rob, he is probably THE finest player of "Classic Style Banjo" in the UK!

Rob is now booking for small "Private and Personal Concerts" to be held in the Manchester Area on Friday 23rd February 2018.

These gigs are so private and personal that the venue will not be revealed until you book!    :-)

If you have not seen Rob play, you have missed a real treat!

Here he is playing my Paragon banjo when he visited me in Blackpool a few years ago:

Rob asks us all:

Have you made a New Year's Resolution?

Is it the same as the best one I ever made - To see more live music?

or is it something mega like - To learn to play the banjo?

If not, are you not even curious about seeing the only duo gigging banjo duets in the UK?

Would you not like a personal performance with the chance to ask questions?

Would you like to choose the time of your gig for the daytime or in the evening?

With all this suspense how can we not be interested Rob???

Take my advice, if you want a REAL treat and want to see the best of the best,

contact Rob directly by email:  for more details.

or visit the website:   email:

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Six places per concert?  Is it taking place in a van?

Happy New Year Jody!

I believe it may be in a tent. With all live banjo playing the excitement is intents.


A tenner sounds like a bargain to me.. Close up and personal indeed.

If you can't make these you'll also be able to see Rob and Michelle at Walthamstow Folk Club in October.

Sounds like good idea.

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