Ok, was listening to the Skirtlifters on the way to work this morning and "Tickle Toes" caught my ear. Sounds like it would be fun to play.

Anyone out there with the dots?

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You don't have to worry about Lem, he died in 1936 BABF.

Farland is the one to worry about.  He might twiddle you with his leather plectrum.

I've produced a score in C tuning (G major) plus a midi and sent it to Ian to add to the library. It's a jolly tune and not too hard on the fingers. I've made some slight changes in the intro to the original arrangement...Steve.

Ian has now added my C tuning score and midi to the library. It has the sound of an old time fiddle tune about it..Steve.  

Excellent! I'm starting the TAB this afternoon. Too hot here (97F/36C) to be outside this afternoon.

OK, I didn't do "Tickle Toes" but "Tickled To Death" by P.M.Jacques. Not the same tune as the Charles Hunter rag of the same name. The A part sounds really familiar...but I can't place it. Thought it might be a Weidt tune but couldn't find a match.

I'll post the TAB when I get it cleaned up a bit.


Here's the tab.


Well...now I know why "Tickled To Death" sounds so familiar.

I was driving to work this morning and hear some familiar strains coming from the mp3 player in my car...it is our own Hal Allert and Co. playing "Tickled To Death", straight from the New Criterion Banjo Orchestra's CD.

I've been listening to it for years...no wonder it sounded familiar!

Ha!  That is it.  I've listened to that album many times and I did not catch it either.

I did the same thing with "Creoles's Dream" -- a piece a ran across in a issue of the Stewart Journal.  I was playing through it and thinking "dang!  I know this from somewhere."  Later it came up on my phone when I was driving. 

For what it is worth, all the arrangements  I have sent to the Ning site I  have also sent the same material to the ABF. They were very grateful.

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