NEW ! MORE original scores available soon in the MUSIC LIBRARY

My friend Eric from Israel has just visited Lynn and I and has kindly donated, for the site, a small mountain of original published scores for the banjo.  Many of these are not available elsewhere (as far as I can see), so now I intend to scan, clean up and add them to the MUSIC LIBRARY for FREE download!


I have included a list of titles and composers, so if there are any that you would like to have copies of please let me know and I will edit and upload those first! To process the whole pile will take donkey’s ages, so please be patient ;-)

Eric has much more “stuff” that he will make available soon so please keep your eyes open on site.

As I sorted through the pile I even found a copy of a Morley composition that seems to have been signed by Morley himself and a tatty copy of an original, hand written, manuscript by Olly Oakley!    Lucky me and many, many thanks to Eric for all the work you have given me ;-)


Feast your eyes on this lot !!!!

Many have 1st and  2nd banjo and piano parts.


Creole Belles                                     Bodewalt Lampe

The Cromartie                                    R. Heath

Daddy Longlegs                                 Emile Grimshaw

Dainty Hussy                                      Ted Caselli

Dancers Dream                                   Alfred Cammeyer

Dancing Queen                                   H J Ellis

Dandy Fifth                                          Alfred Farland

Darkey’s Awakening                           G Lancing

Danse characterisque                         Albert Lyles

Danse Pantomime                               A. Cammeyer

Darkey’s Awakening                            G Lancing

Darkies Breakdown                             Ezra Read (G Lancing)

Darkies Dream                                    Ezra Read (G Lancing)           

Darkies Festival                                   Will Mitchell

Darkies Jubilee                                    F.Cecil Folkestone

Darkies Lament                                   George Huck

Darkies Revels                                    Norton Greenop

Darkey’s Romance                              Grimshaw           

Dark Town Shuffle                               Will Mitchell

Detroit Jig                                            arr. Clifford Essex

Dill Pickles                                           arr. Clifford Essex

Dinah Valse                                          Ezra Read

Dinah’s Wedding                                 John Pidoux

Dinky’s Patrol                                      Alf Newton

Diplomat March                                   Sousa

Directorate March                                Sousa

Doll Dance                                           Nacio H Brown

Domino Polka                                      Henry Austen

Down South                                         W.H. Myddleton

Dreams of Darkie Land                        arr. Will C Pepper

Dream Song                                         Grimshaw

Drowsy Dempsey                                 Lancing

Dusky Dandy                                        Grimshaw

Dusky Dinah                                         Grimshaw

Easy Winners                                       Joplin

Edina                                                    H. J. Ellis

Edinboro                                               Parke Hunter

Eli Green’s Cakewalk                           arr. Morley

Ellesmere                                              H. J. Ellis

England                                                arr. G. Sgallari

Entry of the Gladiators                         arr. A. Stanley

En Route                                               A. Cammeyer

Erin                                                        Parke Hunter

Escapade                                               Edwin Fairs

Esme Valse                                            Norton Greenop

Fairy Revels                                           Nassau-Kennedy

Fanfare des Dragons                             Nassau-Kennedy           

Favorite                                                 Vess Ossman

Fingers and Picks                                  Tarrant Bailey Jnr.

Fooling the frets                                    Grimshaw

Funeral of an Old Jaw Bone                  H. Ellis

Fun in Dahomey                                    Grimshaw

Fun on the Wabash                                Parke Hunter

Gaiety                                                     H. Ellis

Gavotte in F                                            A. Cammeyer

Gavotte Sentimentale                             Afred Kirby

Gay Gossoon                                         Vess Ossman

General Jasper Jones                            Lancing

Glitter of Steel                                        Thos. Dorward

Goblin Dance                                         Parke Hunter

Grand Duke Waltz                                  Ruby Brooks

Grand selection from Faust                    Parke Hunter

Guardmount in Darktown                        Lancing

Happy Go lucky                                      Grimshaw

Here, There and Everywhere                 Nassau-Kennedy

Hello Montreal                                        Harry Warren

Higham March                                        Harry Tarlton

Hiking                                                      Jimmie Edwards

Hoe Down Jig                                         Arthur Harley

Home, Sweet Home                                J. Brewster

Home, Sweet Home                                H. Ellis

Horace Weston’s Jig                               J. Dallas

Humoresque                                           arr. Olly Oakley

Huckleberry Finn                                    arr. Nassau-Kennedy

Hunky Dory                                             Abe Holzmann arr. C. Essex

Hunters Celebrated March                      H. Ellis

Invincible March                                      Sousa

It’s Monday night                                     A. Cammeyer

Lancashire Clogs                                    Grimshaw

Listen to this                                            Grimshaw

La Marguerite Waltz                                Albert Monk

Lonesome and Sorry                               arr. Grimshaw

Longwood Polka March                           J. Kershaw

Lorne Polka                                             R. Heath

Lullaby                                                     Eustace Stavordale

Man behind the gun                                 Sousa

Man the Guns                                          Sanders Papworth

March Past                                               Edmund Forman

March to Pretoria                                     W.H. Stephens

Marche Triomphale                                  H. Ellis

Marche Souvenir                                     Easten Lee

March of the pilgrims                               J.W. Ball

Matilda Quickstep                                    Olly Oakley

Marriage Bells                                          Nassau-Kennedy

Maude Schottische                                  Willie Burton

Mazurka Graziosa                                    G.Marchisio

Memories of the Past                               Nassau-Kennedy

Menuet in G                                             arr. Jan wien

Merry Coons                                            Ezra read

Mitchell's Favorite                                    Will Mitchell Jnr.

Mr. Jollyboy                                              Grimshaw

Murphy's Jig                                             W.H. Murphy

Naval Brigade. Grand March                    H.Ellis

Nelly Gray                                                Lancing

Newport Galop                                         Nassau-Kennedy

Niagara                                                    Arthur Tilley

Nigger Minstrels                                      Grimshaw

Night Club Parade                                   Grimshaw

Old Folks at Home                                   F.D’alton Tebby

Old Plantation Melodies                           Morley

Old Times                                                Ezra Read

Ole Man Jig                                             Alfred Wood

On Furlough                                             Morton Lawrence

On the Mill dam                                        arr. Dallas

On with the march                                    Sousa

Out West                                                  Grimshaw

Patagonian Picnic                                    Bert Bassett

Pickaninnies Borthday                             Norton Greenop

Pickaninnies on Parade                           G.D. Barnard

Plantation Echoes                                    Clifford Essex

Plantation Episode                                   Grimshaw

Plantation Symphony                               Paul Eno

Poor old Joe                                             arr. D. Milner

Poppies and Wheat                                 Geo. Hucke

Possum’s Picnic                                      Eric Calcott

Post-Horn Galop                                      Dallas

Primrose Waltz                                         A. Tilley

Pro Patria                                                Grimshaw

Queen’s Own Quicktep                            W. Henderson

Quickstep (white Coons)                          S.H.Halfpenny

Rag Doll                                                   Nacio H. Brown

Ranger March                                          A. Montgomery

Regalia Quickstep                                   J. Turner

Reverie in F                                             C. Hind

Reverie Pathetique                                  John Pidoux

Rose Tree March                                     Will Pepper

Royal Command March                           Arthur Stanley

Royal Rouge                                             H.Ellis

Santiago Valse Espagnole                        Geo. Hucke

Shaeffer's Jig                                             Dallas

Silver Moonbeams                                    Dallas

Skipping Rope Dance                               H. Ellis

Skirt Dance                                               H.Ellis

Snatches of Song                                     Grimshaw

Snakes                                                     Tony Castle

Songe d’Amour                                        R.L.Weaver

Sousa Scrapbook                                    Grimshaw

Souvenirs et Regrets                               H.Ellis

Southern Pride                                         Lancing

Spanish Fandango                                   H.Ellis

Starlight Waltz                                          H.Ellis

Summer Flowers                                     H.Ellis

Sunbeams                                               W.S.Folkestone

Supper Dance                                         J.W. Ball

Swanee Sing-song                                 Grimshaw

Sweep’s Intermezzo                                arr. Frank Merton

Sweet Clover                                           Alf West

Sweet Jasmine                                        Oakley

Syncopated Hesitation                            Sheldon Green

Tattoo                                                      Grimshaw

Topsy Galop                                             Ezra Read

To the front                                               A. Cammeyer

Tune Tonic                                               Grimshaw

Turkish Patrol                                           T.H. Michaels

Twilight Melody                                         Grimshaw

Uncle Johnson                                          Sanders Papworth

Valse de concert                                       Paul Eno

Valse Joyeuse                                          A. Cammeyer

Violetta                                                     J. Stephens

Song of the Volga Boatmen                     Grimshaw

Wandering Darkie                                     H. Ellis

Watermelon Jig                                         F.R. Skinner

Wedding Morn March                               Alban Booth

Wheelmen’s March                                   Vess Ossman

When it’s sleepy time down south             Grimshaw

White Coons Polka                                    Sam Payne

White Hussars                                           Vess Ossman

White Rose                                                Chas. Porter

Yellow kids Patrol                                      T.J. Armstrong







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yow!  I hope your scanner is a place where it is comfortable to use. Mine is not. 10 pages is enough to wear me out.

An interesting collection!

Longwood Polka March is only the second piece I've seen by J. Kershaw -  he ran the Shipley BMG club...long forgotten.

Matilda Quickstep this is not an Oakley piece known to me.

What a gift!  So many intriguing titles.  I look forward to seeing these when you get them up.

Yes Dave, I thought that too... this is the one on manuscript that appears to be written by Oakley!

David Wade said:

An interesting collection!

Longwood Polka March is only the second piece I've seen by J. Kershaw -  he ran the Shipley BMG club...long forgotten.

Matilda Quickstep this is not an Oakley piece known to me.

I've got a Kershaw piece, a Sand Dance I think.

Very nice lot of music!

Many of my Morley sheets have a stamped signature...but one has the stamp in purple and then a signature in black ink (they look remarkably similar). I like to think the black one is an autograph...

I only have two MS pieces, both from FVE in the 1930's. One is "Maple Leaf Rag" and the other isn't (IOW, I can't recall the name of the other one).

Interesting Richard - the usual one to emerge is "Craiglands Jig" named after the big hotel in Ilkley.

Richard William Ineson said:

I've got a Kershaw piece, a Sand Dance I think.

Yes, it's Kershaw's Sand Dance published by Dallas.

I recently set a Morley number for a 5-Stringer supplement from his manuscript.  It was remarkable how good his handwriting was.  I've seen some pretty terrible MS but this I could play right from the page.

Ian, I don't have the Dances Pantomime by Cammeyer. I would love to have it if you have the time. I have 153 compositions by Cammeyer and don't know how this one slipped by.

Thanks for all the kind comments, I will pass them on to Eric. As I said before, scanning and cleaning up crumbling scores (he got them here in the nick of time!) is an extremely time consuming job but I am trying to prepare, or at least scan, one or two a day. I will upload them in batches and post to let you know.

Hal, it is always surprising what Eric turns up. Kentucky Parade, with piano score, came from Eric and it is one of Morley's finest unplayed pieces! Now I have Danse Pantomime which must have been hiding somewhere!

I have edited and uploaded it and it is now available in the MUSIC LIBRARY for everyone.

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