The ABF program director Drew Frech asked me if I could try and find the rest of this piece as he would like to have all the parts (2nd banjo + piano) for the Spring Rally "Marches" theme.

He got the first from Turner's March Collection #5.  On the bottom of the page it states that it is published in full as Turner Banjo Budget #593.

Do any of you fine folks have this one in your collection you would be willing to share?


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I can't help much. "Le Diable Rouge" is actually from Tuner's March Collection #11...which I have and which Hal Allert scanned lo, these many years ago. You can get a copy (which you don't need...but maybe somebody else might want to see it) of of Hal's website: in the "songbooks" section:  

I guess I could add a copy as an attachment.

"I guess I could add a copy as an attachment."

Ok, I couldn't do the whole Turner's #11. Too big. I'll try just "Le Diable Rouge".


Yep, that is the one.  Drew is looking for the 2nd and piano.  It was published in sheet music form complete (as the British were so good at).

Just for fun, I've ginned it up in Musescore. Attached are dots with tab and a MIDI. The tune has some interesting stuff in it...but the first part of the TRIO isn't all that interesting to me.

Getting the software to make all the "jumps" (D.C., segno, double segno, etc.) was quite difficult...and has been one of the sore spots between me and the software...but the light finally came on for me and I "got it". Once you 'get it', it is actually quite easy...just not intuitive.


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