Whilst researching this tune, I came across a post from Marc made back in 2013 saying how it was one of his favourite Johnson rags and it's not hard to realize why so here it is, fully 'banjofied'. I've made a few minor changes from the original piano score to make it more suitable for the banjo. In particular the chords in bars 34 and 35 would have been played on 3rd and 4th strings which sounded a bit 'clunky' to me so I inverted them and moved them up to 7th and 8th position. The score and midi are in the library...Steve.

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Poop. I forgot to add the MIDI file for the Trinkaus version...here it is.


Thanks Marc, I've converted them into TIFF format and sent them to Ian to add to the file. Fingering is very subjective and down to personal preferences, I tend to use a mix of classic and melodic styles on my scores but there are always other ways of doing things. I'll add the D# in due course and send Ian the amended file...Steve. 
Trapdoor2 said:

Ok, well that was fun! I've listened to the Trinkaus version enough now that I'm not sure if that first bar is a mistake after all...just different. IOW, it works on its own.

Steve, I found one mistake in your dots: measures 7 and 15, the D should be D#. You've got it marked as 4B (as is proper) but missing a sharp.

I did make a very few changes in your fingering, mostly I tend to use the 5th string a little more than you do. An example: measures 8 and 16.

See attached for my Tab of both.

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