I have run the Classic-banjo.ning.com website for almost 6 years and all the website developments and additions to the site have been done totally free of charge. This has enabled us to provide all the music scores, audio recordings etc. to all who want to find out about the Classic Style of playing.


What we do have to pay for are two annual hosting fees, one of $130 for all the data, scores etc. and one for the NING hosting and front-end platform.  Up to date the NING fee has been $239 p/a but I have just received a notification from them informing us that as from October 1st 2016 the annual fee will jump to $588 p/a.


 (This along with other fees, will make an approx. total cost of $800)


Unfortunately, despite very generous previous donations, and a small reserve, I will not be able to fund the site beyond June 2017 and it may have to close.


BUT, if you would like to help ensure the continuation of

Classic-Banjo.ning.com you could really help by making a donation.


No matter how large or small it will all go,100%, to the continuation of the site. I have set a target of $800 and if this is not reached I will refund the donations that have been made in response to this request.


I have added a “Donations Target Thermometer” and DONATE button on the website home page allowing you to make a safe donation by PAYPAL.




Thank you so much for your help in keeping Classic Banjo alive and well.


Ian, thereallyniceman

Site owner



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Hi Ian, Sorry to read that ning have hiked their prices so much. Have popped a donation into the pot. I'm afraid I havn't visited for ages,but I have been messing around on the Banjo again for a few months now. Will pop back to see if you have reached your target.

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